Angel Policy

Angel Policy

Evermore Dicor stamp designs are originals created by Dilia L. Ramirez, Yolanda Garcia and Wanda Diaz and as such are protected as copyright. Therefore we have some restrictions to protect our art:

  1. Reproduction of our web pages without prior written permission is strictly forbidden.
  2. Blank images can not be sold for coloring, or used in any way.
  3. Our hand-stamped images should not be used improperly to mislead or deceive consumers
  4. Our seals and images are sold for personal use of the consumer, although Evermore Dicor allows our customers to use our images for commercial use with a limit of 50 per image but with the condition of showing in the project that they are Copyright Evermore Dicor.
  5. The use of our stamps and images is limited. None of our stamps and images may be mechanically reproduced or copied by any method, including but not limited to Photocopying, computer scanning and printing, or any other means or method. In the same way our products are for crafts and works of art to be used individually by hand. And not to be mass-produced for sale.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to use our stamps and images for logos, trademarks or promotional materials.
  7. In order to protect our copyright, you must always state clearly that the images are property of Evermore Dicor and show the trademark. Commercial use that violates the foregoing restrictions is prohibited and is in violation of the copyright of Evermore Dicor.

Evermore Dicor reserves the right to amend its policies governing the use of its copyrighted designs and images, including the Angel Policy, at any time. Amendments to these policies are effective in the publication unless otherwise noted and will be posted on the official website of Evermore Dicor., Evermore Dicor reserves the right to deny or cancel the permission to use Evermore images with respect to any particular person.